My hunt with Greg was like hunting with a group of friends. The only difference was I killed a 380 bull elk.
Bob Moore - Rudy, Arkansas
Greg's not only the best trophy-finder in the West, but he's also a gentleman and downright fun to spend time with.
Jim Schmidt - Phoenix, Arizona
I have hunted with Greg every year and most the time more than once for over 15 years. He spends many hours researching units, scouting areas and ultimately hunting with great success. Greg Kroghs ability is second to none.
Jack Johnson - Belfair, Washington
I have hunted elk and deer with Greg Krogh and Randy Ulmer. Both are excellent at spotting game. Greg learned a lot from a guide named Tom Rossi. I would recommend Greg to anyone and he will give them 100% on his hunts.
George Rychetsky Jr. - Anderson, California
The hunts I have been on with Greg have been great. Greg has an unbelievable knowledge of the areas he hunts and big game animals. His enthusiasm for having a client be successful on a hunt is unmatched. I am never sure who is more excited about a trophy animal myself or Greg. Hunting with Greg is a an experience not to be missed.
John Schloz - Scottsdale, Arizona
It has been an absolute pleasure for me and my kids to hunt with you the past 11 years. We always look forward to being in your camp and hunting with the best guide/outfitter in the state.
John C. Bentley - Phoenix, Arizona
I hunted with Greg Krough in 1999 in Arizona, have seen more Elk hunting with Greg then I had the previous five years combined. His accomodations were very good, his guides were outstanding, we had a 100% success rate. We had three 6x6's and one 5x6, and have been applying to come back ever since.
Greg Carlos - Benton Harbor, Michigan
Good man and a good guide. Went on an arizona elk hunt with him afew years back. Great experience. If I ever draw another tag I'll be going with him again
Donnie Platt
I've had the pleasure to hunt with Greg a couple times and I can honestly say it has been some of the best hunting I've enjoyed. Besides being a great outfitter, he is a great guy. Greg definitely does not lack a sense of humor and is as honest of a person as you can find!
Jim Swindeman - Deerfield, Michigan